Cartography – MSc Topics

Maps Telling Stories

Implementing and testing modifications to existing cartographic means with respect to their ability to tell stories.

Use of notebooks for cartography teaching

Investigate the potential of notebooks for cartographic education.

Perceptual Designing of Animated Continuous Flow Maps

This thesis investigates on animated continuous flow mapping tools and the visual estimation of flow values.

Typicality as a measure for analysis of location-based social media data

The aim of this master thesis is to investigate the measure of typicality.

Colouring and interactive visualization of historical Earth observation data

The objectives of this research are 1) to investigate different methods for a consistent matching of radiometric information in historical grey-scale earth obse

Developing an Interactive Visual Tutorial for Citizen Science

The aim of this thesis is to propose techniques on how to most effectively visualize and design interactive tutorials for citizen scientists.

Creation of an automated workflow for the production of a printed map

The result of the research should be a usable solution for the production of the Alpine Club map of Mt. Ushba in Georgia.

Declarative grammars for visualisation pipelines

Explore the potential of formal declarative grammars such as VegaLite for the construction of automated cartographic visualisation pipelines

Dimension of Geographical Networks

Developing and implementing algorithms for detecting subnetworks the local network dimension of which is homogeneous.

Mapping timeseries of changing adminstrative units

Make users aware of of changes in administrative units in time series

Automated Node-Link Representations in concept maps: Optimizing spatial visualisation and usage.

Examine the effect of features of automated concept mapping (node-link) visualization algorithms on users’ conceptual learning: reading and comprehension of con

Understanding Concept Maps: A Closer Look at the effects of Concept Mapping Designs on Users’ Conceptual Learning

Examine the effect of different concept mapping hand-crafted designs on users’ reading and comprehension of conceptual information.

Conceptual design of REST-based Geospatial Web APIs

To develop a design approach for creating modern standards-based geospatial APIs

A re-engineered web interface to a global citizen science portal

Develop a re-engineering method for an existing web mapping stack that has been in production for 15 years, and which needs both a visual and an exploration fac

Gaze-directed Flow Map Explosions in AR/VR

To build an AR or VR application that allows users to explore a generalized 3D origin-destination flow map by having grouped routes “exploded” (i.e., disaggrega

A fundamental mapping framework for knowledge networks

This work drafts a common ontology that is used for automated map production.

Navigating with stories

Humans tend to remember entities and relations along stories and narrations.

Visualizing Places

Developing and comparing different cartographic means to display places on a map.

Tracing the evolution of “Digital Cartography” in cartography textbooks

To give a comprehensive historical overview of how conceptualizations of “digital cartography” (and its related and more specialized subfields) have evolved ove

Creation and documentation of generalization and map production approaches for web maps

The research objectives distinguish into two main categories: a technical and a theoretical part. Theory: What are problems in web map production and generaliz

Selected topics at the chair of Geoinformatics

[depending on the topic considered]

Derivation of a 3D panorama map for the region around the Ushba summit

Objectives of the thesis are: 1. Compare approaches for 3D projection and scene rendering 2.

Location-Based Service in cartography education

This thesis will explore the potential of using location-based services for cartography education in the field.

3D infrared data visualisation using VR surrounding

The goal of this work is to find suitable and efficient ways to facilitate user 3D map interaction through motion-based VR goggles and its controllers.

Improving Users´ Depth Perception in Mixed Reality

This thesis aims to incorporate visual effects to facilitate depth perception in Mixed Reality (MR).

Effects of display size on Route Planning

This topic seeks to gain insight into possible effects of small displays on overview knowledge for planning and performing hiking tasks.

Relief Depiction in a Mount Ushba Alpine Club Map – Digital Technology and Design

The thesis aims to (1) extend a customised Digital Elevation Model of Mt.

Contributions to Feature Reconstruction from Scanned Historic Map Sheets in Topographic Scales

Approaches for historic map feature extraction from scans based on sample rendering in adapted styles and feature recognition using Deep Learning shall be impro

Maps+: Enhancing maps from knowledge networks

Knowledge networks are developed currently. They allow for common data spaces. Maps are interfaces to knowledge networks due to there structuring character.

Visualizing the International Relations of TU Vienna

The goal of the research is develop a visualisation portal for dynamic visualisation of the international relations of TU Vienna.

Cool Streets – Developing a Healthy Urban Route Planner

The goal of this thesis is to develop a prototype of a mobile application that utilizes attention guiding techniques and navigation patterns to help users in fi

How maps have been used: Towards a typology of map functions

Maps have been crucial for many developments of human societies and economies.

Pattern-driven analysis of pedestrian movement

This thesis aims at discovering pedestrian movement patterns within specific indoor and outdoor environments, using machine learning methods.

Selected topics at the Environmental Remote Sensing group

[depending on the topic considered]