geovis - MSc Topics

Gaze-directed Flow Map Explosions in AR/VR

To build an AR or VR application that allows users to explore a generalized 3D origin-destination flow map by having grouped routes “exploded” (i.e., disaggrega

Actionable map ethics

Include ethics in the maps design

Conceptual design of REST-based Geospatial Web APIs

To develop a design approach for creating modern standards-based geospatial APIs

Dimension of Geographical Networks

Developing and implementing algorithms for detecting subnetworks the local network dimension of which is homogeneous.

Visualizing Places

Developing and comparing different cartographic means to display places on a map.

Annotations for the paper and online ITC atlas

To design and and implement an approach that allow the use of annotations in both paper and online atlases use the strengths of both media.

Declarative grammars for visualisation pipelines

Explore the potential of formal declarative grammars such as VegaLite for the construction of automated cartographic visualisation pipelines

Linked Complementary Globes

An orthographic view of a globe is a relatively undistorted view of Earth's geography, but the whole surface cannot be seen synoptically at once: the viewe

Effectiveness of 2D and 3D symbols on virtual globes

Understand the usefulness of 3d symbols on a 3d globe

Use of notebooks for cartography teaching

Investigate the potential of notebooks for cartographic education.

Maps Telling Stories

Implementing and testing modifications to existing cartographic means with respect to their ability to tell stories.