Colombian Land Mapping in the press

  • Posted on: 29 May 2020
  • By: deby

A few days ago, Esri issued an interesting blogpost on their site on the Colombia land administration project in which our colleague Javier Morales is quite heavily involved. It is a good read and provides rapid access to details of interest of this important project that I believe is a nice example of institutional strengthening work at ITC.

The project is led by Kadaster International and it collaborates with various stakeholders in Colombia, amongst them Esri Colombia. Javier is the main technical architect, and he has worked with the Esri Inc team from Redlands to improve Esri's Collector app and make it a viable technology for community-based ("fit-for-purpose") land mapping. I happen to know form personal communication with peoiple high at Esri how pleased they are with the impacts on their product that has come out of this project.

The video shows the app in action and how it is now commonly used at a number of test sites. Otherwise, it's "pollos y perros."

the Esri blogpost by Doug Morgenthaler

Enjoy, it is good read for a sunny weekend.

Miss your office noise?

  • Posted on: 11 April 2020
  • By: girgin
I miss the office

I think most of us have separate offices at ITC, so probably they are quite silent*. But still, usually there is some background noise that accompanies you while working in the office. If you miss that, or want to change what you have in your home, which may range erratically between eerie silence to cheerful whoops of children, cats, dogs, birds, etc., check this site:

You can toggle different noise sources and even set the number of colleagues! Very nicely done I would say :)

* I didn't have the chance to see them yet, so just an educated guess!